Fabio Chiappini

Fabio Chiappini is the manager of the Frantoio del Poggiolo olive mill.

Fascinated by the olive mill owned by his grandparents – lifelong extra virgin olive oil producers – even as a child Fabio was interested in this precious natural fruit.

Having met Monini in the mid-1990s, Fabio was happy to join this family run business in 2003 and now follows all the farming phases from pruning to manuring, soil preservation and the olive harvest, not to mention the guided visits and tasting courses he runs both in Italy and abroad.  On this subject he tells us a fun episode which happened when some foreign tourists visited.

In addition to the courses for adults, Fabio is also often asked to welcome children around the firm, children during school visits to the company.

Recalling his own childhood at his grandparents mill he can combine  learning and fun, for example introducing extra virgin olive oil three enemies: light, oxygen and heat.

Monini investment in research, innovation and technology combined with greate attention to each step in the production process is the secret of good quality extra virgin olive oil.

Just a spoon of good oil can improve a dish, while a low quality oil can ruin it. Fabio tries to pass this knowledge on to consumers, distributors and restaurateurs.

Olive farmers sometimes follow the so called “tradition” which in some cases turn out to be simply bad habits.

No area is a better origin than another. Good oil can be made anywhere by following Monini seven golden rules.

On the international market Italian extra-virgin olive oil is very appealing because biodiversity and excellence have long been its recognized values. However, various factors, including the climate, the morphology of the land and a lack of appropriate investment, can lead to a situation in which the oil available for sale cannot satisfy the demand for it. In 2016, for example, Italy’s olive harvest was very limited, producing only a seventh of Spain’s oil. For this reason Monini turned to other countries whilst continuing to select quality raw materials with excellent characteristics.

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