For a chef's touch

It is a selected Premium range of products with superior taste and fragrances, vinegars and dressing are obtained following the ancient traditions. The production processes are all

natural and designed to enhance all their peculiar properties. Their high quality from very special raw materials makes them excellent to dress salads, meat and fish in combination

with extra virgin olive oil. They are also perfect on raw and cooked vegetables.


In culinary tradition, chefs have always created their own glazes for finishing their dishes, our glazes are ready to use.

Monini glazes have infinite applications, they give a touch of elegance to the simplest recipes and, with a tasty decoration, turn an ordinary dish into an original one.

Truly excellent on fruit salads and ice cream, perfect on meat, fish, vegetables and cheeses. They are bottled in a handy hygienic plastic squeezable bottle.

Vinaigrettes selection

Monini has selected a range of vinaigrettes with extra virgin olive oil from the typical flavours of the Italian Cuisine.  They are simple and healthy products that enhance the taste of the recipes in a practical and fast way.

The glass bottle is perfect for a good preservation of the taste and is 100% recyclable, to ensure a better quality to consumers and to the environment. Shake well before savouring!